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Does Your business area comprise safety and reliability? Do You want to increase the visibility of Your brand, expand the area of operation and establish contacts with the best specialists in the field of safety and reliability? Now is comming just such a possibility, because this year 24th European Safety and Reliability Conference ESREL 2014 will be held in Wroclaw, a city situated in the south-western Poland, which in recent years became one of the leaders of the economic development in Europe. Experts from around the world will gather here to present the latest developments in the area of safety and reliability, enabling business partners to establish contacts and may be helpful in defining the new development directions and the international cooperation.

OK!Furthermore, advertising your company may lead to future cooperation with renowned scientific research centers, which can not be overestimated having in mind the forthcoming development programs financed from the budget of the European Union, for which a special emphasis is placed on co-operation between science and business. One of the main objectives of the conference is to create a platform for sharing knowledge and business data, and in this aspect the opportunities which it brings can not be overestimated. Meetings during the panel discussions and informal contacts between the Conference members, in conjunction with the presentation of the advertising materials, the profiles and field of the business, very often are the beginning of the beneficial relationship of the future, often continuing for years, as a result of which the companies have the opportunity to develop and use external resources allocated the development and implementation of new solutions. With this in mind, the Conference Organizers have made every effort to ensure this event to take place in Poland and we would like to encourage You to take an active part in it.

For sponsoring companies we offer several packages described in Exhibition and Sponsorship Information flyer. We invite You also to contact Conference Secretariat.