Methodology Areas:
M1. Accident and Incident Investigation and Modelling
M2. Analytical Methods in System Safety and Reliability
M3. Reliability and Safety Management
M4. Dynamic Reliability
M5. Expert Methods in System Safety and Reliability
M6. Failure Identification and Degradation Processes
M7. Human Factors and Human Reliability
M8. Maintenance Modelling and Optimisation
M9. Occupational Safety
M10. Quantitative Risk Assessment
M11. Reliability and Safety Based System Design
M12. Reliability and Safety Data Collection and Analysis
M13. Reliability and Safety Education and Training
M14. Simulation Methods in System Safety and Reliability
M15. Structural Reliability and Safety
M16. Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
M17. Processes Reliability and Safety Modelling
M18. Delay Time Analysis
M19. Other Reliability and Safety Methodologies

Application Areas
T1. Aeronautics and Aerospace
T2. Agriculture and Food Industry
T3. Chemical Process Industry
T4. Civil Engineering
T5. Critical Infrastructure
T6. Electrical Engineering
T7. Electronic Industry
T8. Energy Production and Distribution
T9. Information Technology and Telecommunication
T10. Manufacturing and Supply Chain /Logistic Systems
T11. Maritime Transportation
T12. Mechanical Engineering
T13. Medicine and Health Service
T14. Natural Resources and Environment
T15. Nuclear Engineering
T16. Rail Transportation
T17. Return Logistics / Waste Management
T18. Road Transportation
T19. Software Systems
T20. Waterborne Transportation
T21. Other Reliability and Safety Areas